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Drafting and reviewing Contracts

Contracts are a critical component of any business, and we draft and review contracts to ensure that they are legally binding and tailored to your specific needs. 


Drafting and reviewing Terms and Conditions and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Many Freelancers and independent businesses utilise online stores, selling both products and services. It is crucial businesses like these have comprehensive and legally binding Terms and Conditions and NDA's that bind their Customers to the Terms within them.


Legal Advise

For any and all Legal queries, Bird Legals are available for consultation in all forms, including online meetings and emails. 

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts 

At Bird Legals, we believe that contracts should be designed to protect our client's interests, including enforceable payment terms. We understand that payment disputes can be a significant source of stress for freelancers and independent businesses, and we work hard to ensure that the contracts we draft for our clients contain clear and enforceable payment terms.

In addition to payment terms, we also ensure that your contracts contain other critical provisions such as confidentiality and termination clauses, along with IPR protection and any other clauses we deem to be vital using our Legal experience. 

In addition, many freelancers and independent businesses are contractually taken advantage of by third parties. Therefore, we also review contracts sent to our clients by third parties and identify any clauses or terms that are unfair or could be detrimental to your business. We can also work with the third party directly to negotiate amendments to the contract that are more favourable to our clients. 

Similarly to the above, we also draft new Terms and Conditions for our clients to distribute to their clients, or attach to their goods and Services along with reviewing Terms and Conditions of Sale/Service etc from third parties. Bird legals also review Non-Disclosure Agreements supplied to our Clients from third parties, along with creating NDAs for our clients to distribute to their clients and Customers.

Drafting and Reviewing T&Cs and NDAs

Our Team can provide advise on a huge variety of legal issues, offering a variety of consultation options, including online Teams/Zoom calls, phone consultations and email correspondance. We are committed to being available to our clients when they need us and we work hard to ensure our clients get the legal support they need to succeed. 

Legal Advise 

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